About PBK

Everyone focuses on the younger years when people are still in school, or the adult years when people go through a midlife turning point. But no one really talks about the time in-between, when you’re not a “full-fledged adult” but you’re not a “young-adult” anymore.

I graduated college in May 2016 at 21 years old. Yay! Another milestone reached, but now what?

The unwritten rules of the world are constantly changing. What worked for the Baby Bombers and Generation X won’t necessarily work for today’s generation of emerging adults.

Perceived by Kristin is my way of filling the gap. Watch and learn from my mistakes and triumphs as I attempt to become a stable adult with a career that I’m passionate about.

A lot of my content will be posted here on PBK, but I also have a  Tumblr that I update a lot too. It’s basically a visual representation of my brain.

Feel free to follow me on social media and at Perceived by Kristin to get updated on all the craziness that happens.