Millennial Moving Out – Why I Left


There’s a huge misconception that Millennials don’t move out of their parents’ house. Apparently, we all live at home after college for as long as possible.

There are economic advantages to living at home after college. You don’t have to worry about rent or home bills. Most likely you don’t have to pay for food. Living at home is like getting an extension on young adulthood.

That was not the case for me.

I love my family, my childhood home, and the city I grew up in. My parents would have loved it if I had stayed at home. But I needed my own space and independence to grow as an individual.

Just visiting home for the holidays was challenging after being away at school. In college, you’re exposed to a new environment where you get to decide what you do and when. However, once you go home for a break, your parents still have the mind set that they need to monitor.

During winter break my junior year, I went out to meet my friends from high school who were all home for the holidays. Our original plan was to just go bowling, hangout, and have good conversation. We did that, but one of my friends decided that we should have a little party too.

Hours pass, it’s around 1 a.m. and I decide that I am spending the night at my friends house. I texted my parents to let them know I wasn’t coming home that night, and then I went back to the party.

The next morning, I drove home still tired from the night before and all I wanted to do was shower and sleep.

I walk into the house and my father is sitting in the family room staring me down. My mother is standing close by with that menacing look on her face that only mom’s can have.

I got an earful about letting them know where I am before 1 a.m. and asking permission before I just decide to do something.

Though I appreciate their concern for me, I was not use to asking for permission to go somewhere or checking in with anyone. It simply wasn’t in my thought process.

That experience made it painfully clear that I could not live with my parents. I have no problem visiting, but actually living there would need to end as soon as I could find a job.

This lead to my job search the summer after I graduated. It took me two months to find a job in a new city that allowed me to support myself and leave my parents home.




  1. Congrats on moving out! It’s a huge accomplishment these days. I’m still living at home and can only dream about it. I appreciate the experience, but I’m ready to go!!! lol


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